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Liberty Cattle Company

When Jud Parker was growing up on his family’s cattle farm in southeast Iowa, his dream was always to one day operate a cattle farm of his own. Over the past 30 years, Jud has hunted tirelessly for the optimal breed to fulfill his vision of what cattle breeding and animal husbandry should look like.


Between his time served in the US Military, and running a successful concrete construction company (Prosper Companies), Jud became educated in the practice of diligent research, high standards, and integrity. These values have shaped Liberty Cattle Company’s vision to include a genuinely deep care for animals, rigorous commitment to quality, active respect for the environment, and family-centered business practices.


With Jud’s specific hybrid of American Blue-Simmental cattle, he has finally arrived at what he believes to be the optimal breed for temperament, gestation length, and muscle development to produce the healthiest and most delicious beef available on the market today. Rich flavor in beef comes from low-stress and high quality feed. Cows are easily spooked, and their stress releases cortisol which corrupts muscle fibers, and therefore, taste. Relaxed, happy cattle produce less cortisol. American Blue Cattle have a legendary temperament which Jud has carefully bred through generations of his cattle.


But Jud didn’t stop there…

Using nutrient-dense sorghum sudangrass, and his own proprietary blend of legumes, Jud has developed these high-quality food sources to raise the stakes on “grass-fed beef.” Not all grass is created equal. Jud’s ability to innovate in the cattle industry is driven by his soil biology knowledge and development of optimal forages. The result of Jud’s efforts is a limited-production collection of the finest beef products available today.





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