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Our sought after American Blue Cows carry the powerful Myostatin gene that make them so muscular and provide the most nutrient dense meat and more protein per ounce.     

Beyond Grass Fed

100% Pasture Raised

Antibiotic Free

Bio-Dynamic Farming

More Nutrient Dense

Hormone Free

More Protein Per Ounce

Special Organic Feed


Do you know where your meat is from?   

The U.S. imports over 3 Billion pounds of beef per year from dozens of countries including China.  You can be assured ALL of the meat at Liberty is raised and handled with care in the heartland of the U.S.


Liberty Griller

  • 3 - Ground Beef  16oz

  • 2 - Sirloin  8oz

  • 2 - NY Strip  8oz

  • 2 - Ribeye  16oz 

  • 16 - Beef Sticks  1oz

Package Deal

$174.95 total

$205.00 | Save 15%