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At Home with Hungry Kids? Liberty Cattle has a Secret Weapon for You!

Does it seem like your kids are always hungry, even when they just ate? Many parents feel they are trapped in a never ending cycle of preparing, presenting, and cleaning up their children’s snacks and meals. What can you do to end this cycle? Liberty Cattle Company has a SECRET WEAPON for you, but first, let’s look at some possible causes for the hungry beast inside our children.

  1. OUR KIDS EAT JUNK FOOD. Most food in the child category (the stuff they willingly eat, anyways) is not very nutritious. Foods lacking the vitamins and nutrients a growing child needs will simply not satisfy them - even in large quantities. They will soon be back for something new. Crackers, pretzels, gummy snacks, granola bars, and cereal are full of empty calories, and worse, sugar. Another common kid-food is bread, which, besides also having sugar, contains refined flour. This extends to mac n’ cheese, as well as any breaded meats (we’re looking at you chicken fingers). And pastries like donuts, danish, and croissants? We know it doesn’t work, but we do it anyway to try subduing the inner hunger-monster.

  2. OUR KIDS ARE GROWING. Demand for food in a child’s body is unpredictable. Especially in the first 3-7 years of life, growth spurts can occur one day and not another. Appetite may skyrocket for a day or two only to find the following days with no hunger. This is normal, and you can better prepare by having nourishing healthy foods on-hand.

  3. OUR KIDS ARE BORED. Boredom is a burden of reality for children, and when it strikes, eating is a common fix for the problem. Emotionally, they may also be feeling nervous, anxious, upset, or just be looking for attention. This is perfectly normal. Even as adults, we tend to eat emotionally.

  4. OUR KIDS ARE THIRSTY. Much like boredom, thirst can be mistaken for hunger in children. A child’s imagination is working constantly, and they find ways to express that with little regard for hydration. Because they are so BUSY all the time, they don’t know, or forget to drink water. This is especially important in hotter climates, or summer months.


In the Parker family, we have a universal fix for hungry kids: BEEF STICKS.

What we love so much about this snack is that the level of hunger satisfaction can border on being that of a meal. Used alone, our 1-OZ Beef Sticks are a tasty and substantial treat that gives their tummies something real to work on. The savory taste of our high-quality beef with custom salts and spices will carry them forward through the day with protein-power and healthy fat to burn for energy. Want a bit more than a snack? Add cheese, carrots, celery, or really any chopped up fruits and vegetables. You can also add some healthy whole grain bread, which pairs perfect with our beef sticks. Fruits and veggies have great juices and fibers to work with the beef fats and protein to keep their hunger at bay for long periods of time. You can even add a bit of nut butter or salted avocado at the end for a little “dessert.” If all of these combinations still somehow don’t cut it, you can easily up the beef stick dosage to two or three.


Knowing when to break out the beef sticks is crucial. As mentioned above, some children feel like they are hungry when they are actually experiencing something else all together. How do you know how hungry they really are?

Start a hunger scale discussion. Ask them to rate their hunger from 1 to 10. Some kids will find during this process that what they’re feeling isn’t hunger. Anxiety about another problem can feel like hunger, not to mention the impulse to eat emotionally. Next, check hydration. Use a “special cup” for their water so they know when it is empty it is time to refill and drink again. Encourage them to check in with their special cup. Of course, avoiding sugary drinks is key to preventing strong hunger cravings later, and this will help establish a vital water habit.

When all else fails, and it’s time to reach for something that you can count on to solve the problem, remember the Liberty Secret Weapon: BEEF STICKS. And for the month of May we are sending out a FREE HALF-POUND of our Original Flavor Beef Sticks with EVERY order. Visit our shop today to pick up some steaks and cuts for the whole family, and know that we got you covered for at least a few power snacks to keep the kid-hunger at bay.


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