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Boosting your Immune System without leaving the house

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

Now, more than ever, it is important to keep your immune system strong and ready to react. Washing your hands, getting good rest, and regular exercise are extremely important to staying healthy, but what can often be overlooked is nutrition. The human

body needs a lot to run at its best; with so many people stuck at home, now is a fantastic time to get to know your food. Finding good sources of nutrition can be overwhelming but, for now, we will focus on a great source for boosting your immune system: beef.

Healthy, lean beef is packed full of necessary nutrients to support your immune system. Iron, zinc, copper and vitamin B6 are the star players that provide your body with what it needs to mount a strong defense against disease. These nutrients are considered fundamental elements for good development of the immune system. Deficiencies in any of these nutrients can cause a wide variety of issues and they are associated with compromised immune systems. High-performance beef, like what you get from grass-fed, confinement-free cows, is an unbelievable source for these critical nutrients.

Zinc, for example, is in high abundance in meat and especially in beef. Oftentimes, the difference between being zinc-deficient and being sufficient is a 3-oz serving of lean beef. The risk of not getting these nutrients can be dire.

Zinc is extremely important in the development of

white blood cells, the foot soldiers of your immune system. Iron deficiency can lead to a reduction in immunoglobulin levels, which means lower immune defences as well. With more of these nutrients supporting your immune system, you are in a better position to stave off viruses and other bugs.

While it can be difficult to get the things you need these days, Liberty is here for you. We deliver high-performance, hormone-free, lean beef right to your door so you can keep your immune system (and taste buds!) happy. As always, please reach out if you have any questions about how we deliver such high-quality meat right to you. Stay safe and healthy!


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